Baker Mayfield is cut from the same cloth as a Junkyard Dog. What he lacks in finesse, he sure makes up in Moxey. Generally, clunky-in-attack, the Cleveland Browns' quarterback of the present, fought back claims his attitude was holding the franchise back, namely as a deterrent to landing big name coaches. The 5-minute radio segment spearheaded by Jason Smith stresses the importance of attracting "established names like Mike McCarthy" to the Brown's once-vacant head coaching position. Smith believes the rookie's bust-up with Hue Jackson will hinder Cleveland's recruitment process for years to come, specifically at the coaching position.

Baker responded to Fox's Twitter reposting of Smith's on-air segment with a well-positioned "lol." Players like Baker Mayfield who react emotionally, on-and-off the field, are often castigated as a result. Mayfield has a lot to learn at NFL level, no one is disputing that, but to vilify a franchise talent for lashing out against a former coach who'd grown too comfortable in a sluggish repose, is the wrong message altogether.

Critics are pretty much in agreement over Baker Mayfield's effectiveness as a rookie; most giving him a B+ grade for maintaining a positive: 27 touchdowns to 14 interceptions ratio. Regardless of what Jason Smith thinks of Mayfield as a boon or bust type character, Cleveland looks set to promote Freddie Kitchens to the head coaching position, after a brief tenure as the Offensive Coordinator, lasting just over 8 games this past season.