Baka Not Nice & Giggs Steer Clear Of Cowboy Regalia In "My Town" Video

Devin Ch
May 01, 2019 15:41

Baka Not Nice's transatlantic collaboration with Giggs gets a shiny new music video.

Baka Not Nice continues his in foray skeng morphology with a grim music video for "My Town." The Giggs collab appears on the Torontonian's No Long Talk EP released in the month of March. For the occasion, Baka travels to Giggs' home court of London, England, incidentally a locale he likens to a home away from home. "I feel like London is my second home," Baka told Complex when the video was first issued earlier this afternoon. "They've really embraced me, so I felt that it was right to do this song with my brother Giggs and shoot this video in his hometown." 

The video isn't just set in the picturesque London depicted on postcards but in a series of more palpable locations: an overseas concert booking, a dingy loft populated by his henchmen, as well as a rooftop terrace overlooking much of city's project housing units. The video was shot and pieced together by Myles Whittingham, known to the hip-hop established by the pseudonym Myles Per Hour. Whittingham also handled the visuals for Giggs' "Baby" video shoot, released earlier in the week.


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