A little over a year ago, Will Smith set the internet ablaze by casually stating Bad Boys 3 was “definitely” happening during an interview in the UK. Perhaps he was trying to keep it under wraps by announcing it during such an inauspicious interview, because the movie has continually been delayed and is now experiencing further difficulties getting made.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bad Boys 3 director Joe Carnahan has departed from the film, ostensibly due to scheduling differences but rumors are that “creative differences” played a part. He was also writing the script, so it’s back to the drawing board for the team behind Bad Boys 3. Although the current release dat of Nov 8, 2018 hasn’t been pushed back as of yet, things aren’t looking good for the film to be released in 2018.

Michael Bay directed the first two films in the Bad Boys series, so Carnahan wasn’t exactly following up an auteur. Either way, we’re sure things will eventually get rolling on Bad Boys 3. There’s simply too much money to be made.