The impressive dance moves had by Ciara and Future's son has been a known fact for some time. Last year alone the five-year-old impressed people on the red carpet and on Instagram with his dancing skills, clearly coming from his talented mother. "I like MJ, Michael Jackson," baby Future previously stated when asked who his inspiration was. 

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Now just a few months later, Future is back to show off just how much he's improved as a dancer with a new video shared by Ciara that sees her son dancing his heart out after losing his first tooth. "It’s Monday!... and we lost our first tooth! Feeling real good 😌❤️💃🏽 #Monday #Dance
P.s. He dressed himself too. It’s a vibe:)" she wrote alongside the clip.

Ciara's husband Russell Wilson commented on the clip of his step-son, writing how "he was so so pumped to lose that first tooth," calling Future a "dancing machine."

Ciara has previously explained how grateful she is for Russell's parenting ways to baby Future, telling Jada Pinkett Smith how he "jumped right in" when it came to being a step-dad. "He was so proud of, like, Future’s first steps," Ciara said. "When I go to teacher-parent conferences, he’s at every one of them with me, and I make sure I schedule it so he can be there. His schedule’s crazy, but we make it happen, because those details matter.”