It was recently discovered that Ciara, in her $15 million defamation lawsuit against Future, advised authorities that she was worried about her ex and baby daddy potentially plotting to kill her new husband, Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. When her dramatic accusations made headlines, Future frustratingly responded, "Wish everyone could move on like me." Indeed, as Future is doing his best to separate himself from the newly married couple, Ciara isn't exactly making it easy for him to resist pulling up on her new man. 

Ciara and Wilson were secretly married in the UK last week, and after the ceremony, they weren't too secretive about what ensued during their wedding night, letting their fans know that the sacred bond of marriage had finally impelled them to enter each other for the first time ever. With those headlines, Future likely caught a vile case of TMI, but today's development is far worse. 

Ciara went on Facebook Live today to let her fans watch her and Wilson get ready for some particular event in a public bathroom. A few seconds into the video, one can hear the whining of Baby Future, who enters the room to ask for a "mama kiss." He's carried in to receive a smooch from Ciara, but he wasn't quite satisfied after the mama kiss, proceeding to utter some horrifying words in the direction of his mother's new spouse..."papa kiss." 

Not only did Wilson respond to being called "papa," but he obliged to Baby Future's request and laid a kiss on his cheek with the utmost sense of fatherly pride. "You're so sweet," he then told the two-year-old child. Now, to be fair, Wilson looks to have the makings of a good daddy, but he has committed a flagrant error in assuming the title of "papa" over another man's child. Ladies, take note: This is no way to put your baby daddy on blast, especially when that man happens to be a street hero all the way from Lil Haiti to Lil Mexico. Watch the alarming footage below.