Some scary news hit the Internet this week when it was reported that Baby Blue was hospitalized following a failed armed robbery that left him shot. The rapper was taken to the hospital where he was checked into the ICU. Friends and fans gathered together to send prayers and positive energy to the singer and it appears that it's working. Just yesterday, the rapper revealed that he was able to take his first steps since the incident which has been followed by a statement from his girlfriend.

Scott Gries/Getty Images

"The internet enjoy watching people be hurt and going through fucked up shit. Anything negative y'all wanna be apart of, have a opinion and comment on. That shit is wack," she wrote alongside a photo of herself in the hospital with Baby Blue. "On a good note my baby is on the road to recovery."

Just days after the shooting, he explained that his road to recovery included learning how to "breathe and walk again." It seems that he's planning on doing just that, and more. Prior to his girlfriend's statement, the rapper revealed that he's plotting to make a major comeback to the game after he's fully recovered, though he asked his fans for assistance. "

"I’m basically on a bunch of machines Hospital keeping me alive at this point but I improve the more I fight," he tweeted. "So let’s make a deal.... I’ll fight as hard as I can and beat this If yall promise to make me one of the biggest rap artists in the world! Thats all I want!"

Shortly after, he took to Twitter asking for "raw ass drill beats" before revealing that he was on Morphine and required someone to take his phone away from him.