The last couple of months have been less than ideal for Raz B of B2K. The singer was arrested this week for allegedly strangling his girlfriend, being taken into police custody on May 1. After all the drama he faced when the band's reunion tour started, threatening to quit and then signing back on, this was the last thing that Raz B needed. It's never a good time to be accused of something so serious. If Raz B did put his hands on his girlfriend, he should face the consequences but according to the police, he did nothing wrong and has been released from jail as a result.

Leon Bennett/WireImage/Getty Images

As reported by TMZ, the artist will not be charged in relation to his recent arrest. Raz allegedly strangled his girlfriend during an argument at a Macy's store in Minnesota but after conducting a thorough investigation, there was not enough evidence to sufficiently charge him. As a result, the case has been dropped and Raz B is getting off clean. 

His camp has reportedly claimed that Raz was simply defending himself after his girlfriend attacked him first. The 911 phone call was released, which contains audio of somebody stating that a woman was being strangled at the store. Raz B is a free man and he can get back to the tour.