Fans of the 2000s era of R&B music are celebrating the announcement of The Millenial Tour. The famed group B2K are planning on bringing their music on the road, along with a few special guests including, Pretty Ricky, Chingy, the Ying Yang Twins, Bobby Valentino and more. Another boy back called B5 have been left off the bill and according to a video filmed by its members, their exclusion was unwarranted.

The B5 members were smiling as they thanked their fans for tagging them in the tour announcement posts. Then, they weighed in on the matter.

"The only other group that was worth being on that tour besides Pretty Ricky, of course, was definitely B5 for sure. We're too close with everyone to not be involved or included. I love them all. I had an hour [long] talk with Raz about everything man...Best of luck to them."

The group then alludes to the fact that the concept for the show was generated with their help, which would make their exclusion even more significant.

"Idea? Who came up with a dope ass tour idea? It wasn't like he wasn't at my house or nothing...but it's okay. I still have love for my boy, Raz. He was at my crib though."

B5 did disappear from the scene for a little bit, but they actually dropped new music this year. Check out their video for "DO THAT" below.