They may have had a physical altercation that was not only filmed but went viral, yet that doesn't mean that Azriel Clary doesn't miss Joycelyn Savage. The two ladies were joined together by their much older loverR. Kelly, but after Azriel decided to leave once the disgraced singer was incarcerated, Joycelyn didn't take too kindly to her former partner moving out. They fought each other in a violent incident that was played out for the masses, resulting in Joycelyn being arrested.

Azriel Clary, Joycelyn Savage, R Kelly
Nuccio DiNuzzo / Stringer / Getty Images

On Friday (April 17), Azriel took to her Instagram Story to share a few thoughts about Joycelyn. She wrote a lengthy message over a photo of herself holding a dog as she and Joycelyn smiled and posed for a selfie inside of an elevator. "Miss u," Azriel began. "This is when belief had to get stitches in his paw and I was crying in the taxi and you were trying to comfort me. ur beautiful and strong, and one day you will remember your strength too. i know leaving was bad, but I also know you weren't yourself, because the funny southern-bell, wingspot lovin, Memphis reppin Joy I know would've never."

Azriel added, "I love you, a man should never hold you back and one that is happy to do so is not a real man." She never names R. Kelly in her message, but people read between the lines. "A man that does not allow you to have a life outside of him is not a man with genuine intentions. always missing you." Check it out below.