For the past several months, Azriel Clary has been speaking her truth. She's promised the public that she'll one day deliver her tell-all, but whether that comes in the form of an interview, a book, or possibly a reality series remains a mystery. The 22-year-old former girlfriend of R. Kelly has returned home after spending years with the 53-year-old singer and his other partner, 23-year-old Joycelyn Savage. Since reuniting with her family, Azriel has made her presence known on social media as she shares intimate details of her life with the incarcerated music icon.

Recently, while on Instagram Live, Azriel Clary took one of Kelly's luxury coats and ripped it up. She lamented over her time with him during the process that seemed both therapeutic and looked to be a sign that there's much more healing to come in her future. R. Kelly has been repeatedly denied his requested release from jail due to COVID-19, and Azriel took to Twitter to address her former lover's plight.

"It really boggles my mind how a man would leave women in rooms for days, with no phone just paper to write an apology.. but now that you in a room all day with no phone, you don’t like it. The irony," she tweeted on Monday (May 18). Of course, she didn't name Kelly outright, but people were quick to read between the lines. Check it out below.