As prosecutors continue to build cases against R. Kelly, his ex-girlfriend, Azriel Clary, is making some serious claims over on her Instagram page. Immediately after R. Kelly was arrested, Azriel Clary and the singer's other girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage, remained by his side. However, after Azriel reunited with her family, the 22-year-old became more active on social media and began sharing bits of her story. She's spoken out against Kelly and has revealed shocking allegations against the disgraced musician, and now she writes that someone came by her home and set her car on fire in the middle of the night.

"I’ve realized a lot of people are influencing people for all the wrong reasons on social media. Some even portray a life they cannot sustain. Cars that are only rented for weekends, mansions that are only booked for occasions. I’ve literally never seen anyone post when they’ve been at there lowest," Azriel Clary wrote in the caption to a photo that shows her posing next to her burned car. "So, this is me at my lowest... Someone not only set my car on fire at 3am but they also made a gas line around my entire house, with intentions to burn my entire home down."

Azriel added that it was a premeditated move and it sheds light on some of the hate she's received online. "I’ve been dealing with this which is why my feed, and YT videos have been put on pause. Thankfully the police are doing their due diligence during a sensitive time like this," she said, before adding that she hopes people will begin sharing their realities, and not continuing with social media fantasies. Swipe through to see video footage of the incident below.