Aziz Ansari is undoubtedly one of the funniest comedians in the game. His humor is sometimes over the top, but watching him balance his dramatic comedy with true emotions on his Netflix series Master of None is entertaining. The show earned Ansari multiple awards, including a Golden Globe, and it seemed as if the talented comedian's ascension to the top was unstoppable. That is, until he was accused of sexual misconduct in January

A woman, who used the name Grace to protect her true identity, came forward and claimed that Aziz made sexual advances on her, despite giving several cues and subtle hints that she did not want to continue. She claims that Aziz performed oral sex on her, and she returned the favor, but she had not intended for things to move that fast. Aziz responded to the allegations and claimed that all sexual interactions were consensual, but the damage was done. While he did not lose his show, or his career, many fans spoke out against the comedian. Although several of his peers stood behind him, Aziz was the subject of a sexual misconduct scandal during the heights of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, which only made the alleged affair more publicized. 

According to Page Six, Aziz hit the stage for the first time since the allegations this past weekend. From Wednesday to Sunday, Aziz performed surprise appearances at The Comedy Cellar in Manhattan. One set was during the club's Mother's Day show. There have been no reports indicating that the sexual allegations were brought up during his stand up. Reportedly, Aziz focused on various topics such as racism, millennials, and Starbucks.