The cross-genre appeal of hip hop has been steadily growing, and with the success of EDM collaborations, and the massive success of Psy's "Gangnam Style" this past year, labels have been expanding their rosters.  Recently, YMCMB signed EDM duo Stafford Brothers, and are continuing the trend after signing a massive deal with Asian-American hip hop trio Aziatix.  

After partying with Cash Money founder Slim Williams, at a pre-Grammy party an announcement was made that the group had signed with YMCMB.  According to recent reports by Yahoo and Billboard Biz, YMCMB have signed the R&B/hip hop group to a staggering $11.3 million dollar deal.  

The group consists of Eddie Shin from Boston, Flowsik from NYC, and Nicky Lee from Los Angeles. Already accomplished overseas, winning numerous awards and reaching top chart status, they are now gearing up for their mainstream debut in the United States. Currently, they are working with video producer Jeff Panzer and music producer Red One on their new single. They are also hoping to drop their new album this year as well.

According to YMCMB A&R Joshua Berkman, as part of the label's focus to expand internationally, they were looking to sign Aziatix for awhile, even before the K-Pop craze took over the US this past summer, "We were courting Aziatix before Psy broke, but that certainly helped. We’re reaching out more internationally now -- it’s a global thing."