Azealia Banks is starting another rollout of new music. While her studio album Fantasea II: The Second Wave has been pushed back a couple of times, the artist has set her sights on the unexpected by putting together a Christmas-themed EP. In another instance of her knack for conjuring surprise, Azealia shared the cover art for the project. 

According to her caption on Instagram, Icy Colors Change is set to drop on December 7. The new music will be made available on her website.

Although the tracklist is still ambiguous, she teased the project with the credits to its title track: "'Icy/I See Colors Change' - A. Banks, M. Cutler, C. Young, I. Juper, D. Strickland, M. Ashby, P. Falcone - Copyright @randrecords, @eone_music @sonyatvmusicpub 2018."

She also previewed a song that may or may not be meant to be taken seriously. A fan commented on the "Sleigh Ride" teaser, saying that the song was a hit. Azealia straight up shot the compliment down, laughing it off completely. From this comment and the cringy teaser, one can assume that Icy Colors Changes is simply a means of keeping her fans entertained while they wait for the real deal. Her long-awaited studio album has yet to receive its final release date.