Azealia Banks always finds a way to get on people's nerves. She's in the news for her outrageous antics more often than she is for her music. While she remains one of the most talented female artists in hip-hop, her behavior often has people undermining her musical ability, forgetting that she can actually spit. When it comes to DC Young Fly and the infamous episode of Wild'n Out, it was the literal sense of spitting that she threatened to do.

We've all read the headlines about Banks mouthing off after her appearance on the show and although some simply think she can't take a joke, others side with her that DC went a little too far. Regardless, both sides probably said some things that they now regret. Azealia went all out in her tirade against DC and the show's host, Nick Cannon, even threatening to spit on Young Fly according to a new interview that Cannon did with Vlad TV. 

Cannon revealed that DC came to apologize to her after the show and in return, Azealia threatened to spit on his face. From the sounds of it, she was just as angry as she was in the later days on social media. At that point, Nick had to separate the two of them for their own safety. This couldn't have been comfortable to get in the middle of. Watch the full interview below.