Azealia Banks has once again lashed out on Twitter against a fellow artist. The female rapper has quite an appetite for beef, having previously taken shots at Angel Haze, Perez Hilton, and Iggy Azalea, to name only a few.

The latest female artist to be in Azealia's line of fire is Roc Nation's Rita Ora. It all started with jelly sandals, apparently. Rita Ora posted a photo of her jelly shoes on Twitter, saying she was bringing them back in style. When Azealia Banks caught wind of this, she responded to Rita, saying that she "already did the jellies last year." She proceeded to take shots at Rita, calling her "Rihanna's understudy" among other things.

Then it seems Rita messaged Azealia in response to her tweets, and Azealia Instagrammed a screenshot of the message with the caption "Shutup Rita Oral."

See some of Azealia's tweets below as well as Rita's initial tweet and more in the gallery above.