Azealia Banks is known to go on boisterous rants. While these episodes usually land her in hot water, the latest is more personal and somewhat humorous. The entertainer hopped on social media to list and explain her pet peeves relating to sex. 

Banks didn't hold back in her Instagram Stories clips. She first broaches the subject with the concept of balancing bodyweight.

"When you're having sex with a guy and he's just putting all his weight on you [...] and f*cking sweating on you. Oh my God, what a f*cking nightmare [...] I am not a surfboard. I am not a f*cking massage table. Why are you laying on me with all your f*cking weight?"

She calls out the "complacent" dudes who expect girls to suffer through being smothered while taking "whack d*ck." She points out how women are expected to meet many standards like putting a "curve" in their backs while the same guys who make fun of women in these terms aren't actually stepping up either.

"Y'all n*ggas need to get some fucking arm strength and get some strength in your hips."

She also specifies one blowjob requirement: a pre-existing erection.

"I'm sorry, I'm not sucking nobody's d*ck to get it hard. If I'm gonna suck it, it has to already be hard [...] If it's not working, we can chill out. Don't ask me to suck your limp d*ck."

Sis may or may not have a point here, but her online persona is always entertaining.