Azealia Banks is the latest public figure to address the issue of Alabama's change in legislation governing abortion. For the sake of objectivity, I'll refrain from criticizing her opinion, mostly due to the fact that as a woman of color, Azealia Banks has more to gain/lose from this ongoing debate. That said, Azealia Bank's decision to stand behind what other's perceive as oppressive measures by the Alabaman senate (and other caucuses in the Confederate States) is riddled with nuances and contradictory statements.

Isaiah Trickey/FilmMagic/Getty Images

For starters, Azealia Banks stands on two fronts. She stands behind the criminalization of Abortion, but only as it pertains to control the Pharmaceutical Industry maintains over the practice itself. In the closing sentence of her public address, Banks defines abortion as a "modern luxury provided by modern science," while altogether showing a semblance of solidarity with the anti-establishment and pro-choice movement in America.

As she clearly states in the caption of the Instagram posting, her PSA was written in response to Munroe Bergdorf dedicated efforts on the same platform. For added context: Bergdorf is an English transgender model and activist who was herself ejected from a lucrative L'Oréal sponsorship after her racial commentary was taken out of context.