Azealia Banks may be hating on Cardi B for her own personal reasons but they sure do have one thing in common, and it's their ex-managers trying to come after them after they launch into mega-success. As we previously posted, Cardi's former manager says the "I Like It" rapper owes him a ton of money claiming he's the one that made her famous. She responded saying he "grossly" exaggerated his role and now the case is seemingly put on pause since she's about to pop. 

As for Azealia's story, she's taken to Instagram to explain that her ex-manager, who goes unnamed, is still in love with her and is holding a grudge against her for "god knows what." The "Anna Wintour" rapper explains her whole story via numerous video uploads that shows her camera looking in a cup filled with some kind of red drink as she shares a PSA to women in the music industry.

"It just goes to show that when you're a woman in this industry men will attach their egos to your success," she says. "And if something goes [wrong] where you're not working with them they really take that shit to fucking heart."

Peep her numerous video uploads below.