Azealia Banks was involved with more drama over the weekend after she threw shots at Nick Cannon and Wild N Out for some of the jokes they made on the show while filming. It didn't take long for other members of the "Wild N Out" cast to clap back at the "Anna Wintour" singer in an attempt to downplay her accusations. Earlier today, Wendy Williams discussed the incident which seemed to prompt a response from Azealia Banks. On her Instagram story, Banks wished death upon the TV personality.

Wendy Williams has made a lot of enemies in the entertainment industry over the years including Azealia Banks. The two of them have had their feud last year which resulted in legal threats from Banks. Today, Azealia Banks made it clear that she isn't messing with Wendy Williams at all when she hit her Instagram Story and said that she would love to see Wendy Williams "die on air."

"Omg can Wendy Williams have another stroke on TV and finally drop dead? I would love to see her die on air." Banks wrote.

Following the incident on the "Wild N Out"set, Banks said that the cast had "pre-planned colorist jokes" as well as call her ugly which she said caused her to break down in tears. 

In addition, Banks also said that she plans on pushing her album back due to the controversy.