Azealia Banks is one of the most talented female rappers in the country but, unfortunately, she's been on a downward spiral in the media for the last five years. The New York native is known more for her mouth than for her rhymes these days, spewing all sorts of controversial opinions on social media and drawing a major disconnect between herself and potential fans. She continues to release music but, because of her previous actions online, she earns barely any nationwide attention. 

This week, she decided to attract people to her page by showing off her body in a miniature pink bikini, barely covering her femininity and giving people a full view.

Shifting the camera down to reveal her flat stomach and her bent legs in a bikini bottom just as small as the top, the rapper said that "crazy girls need love too." Clearly, Azealia felt like trapping a few of her fans for their thirst. Maybe this is bait so she can call people out on her story?

In a second post, Banks shared a snippet of a demo she recently recorded, unleashing her anger on wax, which we love to hear. She goes through a verse before cutting off the track and inviting us to stay tuned for its eventual release.

Are you still rocking with Azealia?