Welp, usually when we hear about Azealia Banks getting into a fight, it's virtual. She's constantly throwing punches in the twittersphere, but it seems like some of that anger translated into a fight IRL. 

TMZ reports that Azealia Banks is currently being investigated by police for allegedly punching a security guard, after he kicked her out of the club. The incident was caught on camera.

Azealia and her crew were partying at the Break Room 86 in L.A., when a security guard had to kick her out because she was reportedly getting out of hand. As she left the venue, the security guard claims that she attempted to pull the fire alarm. The security guard grabbed her to pull her away from the fire alarm, and that's when Azealia and her crew retaliated by jumping the dude.

Check out the shitty black & white footage above-- although it's not the best quality, you definitely see a kerfuffle happening.

LAPD has opened a criminal battery investigation. We'll keep you posted as it unravels.