It's been a minute since we've heard from Azealia Banks. The female emcee has always proven to have serious skills in terms of her ability to create and innovate. She struck gold with her hit single "212" but since then, everything she's released has gone somewhat under the radar. Of course, she still has a huge fanbase but many of her followers keep locked to her pages so that they can be the first to find out whenever the controversial star snaps. She has a penchant for going off on her peers, often being forced into time-out with the nonsense that sometimes comes out of her mouth. This time though, she's breaking necks another way. Fans are not doing double-takes because of her outrageous comments. Instead, she's putting people on notice with a trio of NSFW photos she posted on the 'gram.

Posting a magazine cover for "Playhouse" and promoting her new song, Azealia Banks decided to get her fans in a tizzy after she shared some very revealing shots of herself. Her legs help her tower high above the camera in the first couple of pictures. She sensually bends down with a sexy look on her face. In the most risqué image, Banks is seen applying make-up in the mirror. She wears a towel on her head after getting out of the shower, putting emojis over her breasts and keeping her derriere exposed. You can check out that one here.

Do you think Azealia Banks could have a big year in 2019? Is it time for her comeback?