The Nicki Minaj x Safaree Twitter feud may be the most entertaining thing we've posted about today. And you know by entertaining we're talking about the hairline tea, where Nicki Minaj regrets ever paying for her ex to get his hairline surgically fixed, but according to her it only fell out because "God don’t like ugly."

The latest on the drama comes by way of Azealia Banks who has made her self a seat at the table. Charlamagne Tha God made an Instagram post that shows a screenshot he sent to Safaree prying to know more about how he actually got a hairline update and didn't tell him. "I can’t believe y’all young niggas out here surgically enhancing your hairlines and not telling your Oldheadz. Would y’all clown me If I got a fake hairline????," he captioned the photo. 

The "Anna Wintour" rapper hopped up in C Tha God's comment section and offered a lengthy piece of advice on where the radio show host can find a plug (lol) at different spots on the globe. "If you really want to go... go to Istanbul they know how to do the plugs for 4b-c type hair. In Turkey the doctors have mastered ethnic hair replacement procedures and know that our hair needs to be treated differently," she writes. "Out hair has to be inserted in the right direction. It's the not the same as straighter hair textures that don't need to be inserted any type of way." 

Among the precise details Azealia offered to C Tha God, she, of course, had to end things letting everyone know whose side she's on - can you guess?

"Also #teamsafaree," she adds.