Azealia Banks is always finding her way into the headlines through her consistent presence on Twitter. While she often complains that her tweets are unnecessarily turned into news, her words are presented just as she intended them to be.

After doing an interview with Billboard, Azealia was dissatisfied with the way the publication framed the interview, writing about the coverage on Instagram.

“This interview was not my favorite. Lots of things I said got taken out of context," she wrote. "This whole interview was mostly about a few raunchy jokes I made…. when I really spoke about so much more. Maybe it was the journalist, maybe it was the editor. Who knows, don’t care. I’m not doing anymore interviews this year.”

We'll have to wait and see if Banks makes good on her promise not to talk to the press, but we're sure it won't silence her on social media.

Check out her caption in the gallery above.