The online version of Azealia Banks' antics is no more. Her Instagram account seems to have been deactivated. Since her Twitter account had already been shut down, fans won't hear from the artist via her socials for a while. The reason for this disappearance has yet to be revealed.

Azealia Banks is an infamous social media user. Her activity, which was mainly funneled through her Instagram account, is consistently controversial. One of the latest themes explored in her content got the rapper in trouble. Her feud with Elon musk had become a legal matter. Shortly after the news of their lawyering up, Banks revealed to her Instagram following that the pair would not be heading to court finally. 

Texts between AB and Musk's then-girlfriend Grimes caused some ruckus beyond social media. The "Pyrex Princess" sent an apology letter to musk after the peak of their scandal. In a way, this letter could be used as an admission of guilt if Musk does choose to take legal action against her.

Either way, the break might serve her well if she shifts her focus to music.

Fans can still reach the artist through her skincare brand called CHEAPYXO. Then again, the brand's social media accounts don't seem to have been active since April 2017.