Azealia Banks' frank demeanor and unwillingness to sugarcoat the truth-as-she-sees-it has occasionally ruffled a few feathers, occasionally sowing animosity with her fellow rappers. Though her talent is seldom denied, many have simply grown tired of Azealia's confrontational attitude, even though she has faced industry difficulty since sparking her career with "212." For that reason, it's all too often that her cries for help are met with apathy, or worse, open hostility.

Azealia Banks

Dominique Charriau/Getty Images

Following the "reactivation" of Ice Cube on social media, Azealia Banks took to Instagram to send a message to the legendary N.W.A. veteran. "Hi Ice Cube. Thanks for the nod to my new single "Black Madonna" on all platforms now," she begins. "Your white manager Jeff Kwatinietz has stolen all my royalties from my debut album and I was wondering if you could use you influence to get them for me?" 

While she originally penned the message last week, she doubled down this morning with a simple request for her fans. "Please retweet this until ice cube sees it," she captions, highlighting her message. It should be noted that Banks originally signed with Kwatinetz' company Prospect Park in 2014, and their relationship was originally amicable -- it was there she ended up releasing her long-awaited debut album Broke With Expensive Taste. However, Banks went on to leave Prospect Park in 2015, and it would appear her contract has continued to haunt her today. 

Check out Banks' message below.