Azealia Banks isn't one to take insults lightly. The young rapper revealed two weeks ago that she was pushed to the point of tears on Nick Cannon's Wild'n Out. Soon after, she and Cannon exchanged a few words via social media, with the latter writing that Banks was,"creating storms without an umbrella." After their brief online feud, it seemed like the dispute was going to pass on. That is, until DC Young Fly admitted on his comedy series The 85 South Show that it was him who made Banks cry. "She had braces on her teeth but she didn’t have the wire on the braces, so I said, ‘You need to fire your dentist with his stupid ass 'cause he took the wire and told you to keep the metal,'" explained the comedian. “She only had them on the bottom so I’m like what happened to the top motherfucker? That was it, and she just started crying."

Now, Banks is clapping back at DC with a few jokes of her own. "No nigger, the reason I cried is because I wanted to call all of you dirty Atlanta dl HPV infested maggots stuck below the Mason Dixon Line with no access to health care," wrote Banks on Instagram. "I was going to call you ALL, specifically the type of men black women hate. Specifically the type of black men society hates. Which is why DC is forced to breed with bulbous fat white women who have low self-esteem, collect government aid and are just happy to have a man around. I'm 100% sure that DC has a cluster of warts that look like a vine of grapes growing out of his ass."