RZA's statement on the Russell Crowe-Azealia Banks situation seemingly sounded the death knell for Banks' side of the story. RZA refuted Banks claim that Crowe attacked her, called her an "obnoxious erratic individual," and revealed that he had been helping Banks negotiate a record deal. In a series of since-deleted Facebook posts, Banks fired back at RZA and confirmed that she “will be moving forward with pressing charges” against Crowe.

Everyone who attended Crowe's dinner party at a Beverly Hills hotel last Saturday is in agreement that Banks picked a fight with Crowe and deserved to be thrown out -- everyone except Banks, who has accused Crowe of choking her and calling her racial epithets. On Facebook Thursday evening, Banks stuck to her guns and insisted that her record deal negotiations are proceeding without RZA. “Ok so, do you guys all know that this ‘friend’ Rza speaks of insisted we cut rza out of the deal and continue on with my record deal?" she wrote. "You guys clearly don’t get what’s happening here. My record deal is still on the table…. RZA is just getting cut out of it for being a cornball.”

She went on to admit that she called Crowe "old and fat" at the dinner party. “The absolute god honest truth is that Russell bagged on my music videos, saying he could shoot them better on an iPhone,” she wrote. “I docked it in my mental Rolodex and got him back for it when the time to roast him presented itself again. I told him he was old and fat, the entire room gasped and THAT was when I became a target.”

Read her posts below.