In a time where women are fearlessly coming out about accounts of abuse and sexual assault from men in position of power. A new story comes out everyday that reveals the shady side of the entertainment business. In a recent series of Instagram posts, Azealia Banks shares a detailed account of the abuse she says she faced from Dave Holmes, a manager to Coldplay, Interpol and My Chemical Romance.

Azealia Banks hit Instagram with a series of posts that revealed the struggles she had breaking into the game around the time she was signed with XL Recordings. She wrote everything in third person perspective and explained the affects of the relationship she had with Dave Holmes. She starts off by saying that Holmes was separated around the time they started seeing each other and they met when she was 18 years old. She says once she got dropped from the label, he essentially went ghost on her which prompted her to leave her New York City apartment and move to Montreal, Canada.

"Upon the success of 212 , Dave reappears in her life," she wrote, "On the night before the 1991 video, the couple get into a heated arguement about $2,000 she'd borrowed from him two weeks earlier. She grabs hold of his fancy espresso machine and pushes it on the floor, which prompts him to put her in a choking headlock."

She says the fight got even worse and she ended up throwing rocks through glass windows. She says he proceeded to grab her by the hair and throw her in a freezing cold shower. However, while in a headlock, she suffered a cut on the inside of her mouth and she began to spit out blood. She later called her friend to pick her up and take her back to her place. She says she couldn't sleep at all that evening and had a video shoot for 1991 the next morning.

This aren't the first time she's made these allegations either. Back in 2012, she sent out a series of tweets (which have been deleted since) that share the same narrative to what she said here.

Check out her posts below: