Eminem's new "SHADY CXVPHER" has attracted a fair amount of attention since hitting the web yesterday, namely because Em is still one of the biggest rappers in the game, and pretty much anything he does is going to get an insane number of eyeballs. However, very quickly the discussion turned from the technical raps of Em, Slaughterhouse, and Yelawolf, and toward a line in Shady's verse.

The line in question is "I’ll punch Lana Del Rey right in the face twice like Ray Rice", which manages to be offensive on quite a few levels, both threatening violence on a beloved female singer, and making light of Ray Rice's assault of his fiance.

While many have voiced their disapproval of the lyrics, a high profile response came from Azealia Banks, who had some characteristically colorful words for Em.

A vocal supporter of Lana Del Rey, Banks replied to the singer (in a since deleted tweet) "@LanaDelRey but does eminem know that I will personally punch him in his mouth?!". She then clowned the rapper for his trailer park upbringing, telling Del Rey she should ask Em to "eat his microwave hotpocket dinner and suck on his sisters tiddies."

View the line in question and Azealia's remaining tweet below. You can watch the full cypher here.