Cardi B and Nicki Minaj are on many people's radar after getting into a fight at an industry event. 50 Cent hopped on the drama, commenting on the women's feud. Now, Azealia Banks is chiming in too.

The rapper compares her own struggles to the brawl that went down. Since people are criticising her for even opening her mouth about the issue, Banks set the record straight through her Instagram stories.

"Everybody's like 'you're in no position to be talking cause you cried on Wild 'N Out ' but again it was the same situation. When you're at a professional business thing, you know, am I gonna make this shit Rucker Park or am I just gonna, you know, keep it business."

The New York native says that she would rather be known as a "pussy" for mouthing off after an in-person confrontation instead of posting up with violence.

"One thing I learned with all the hood politics and all the years of being a f*cking gutter-snipe-b*tch myself is: don't go to jail"

She recalls the time she "almost lost everything for being violent and keeping it real." At the age of 17, the artist was facing an attempted murder charge, which ultimately got reduced to a misdemeanor.

This explains why Azealia became an infamous keyboard warrior with her consistent online beef. She insists that sometimes it better to "save it for the f*cking internet."