Yesterday things got heated on Twitter as female rappers Azealia Banks and Angel Haze exchanged heated words which culminated in Haze dropping a Banks diss record “On The Edge”.  She claimed to have written the track in 20 minutes, but Azealia did some research and says the song was recorded a few months back and that Haze has been staging a publicity stunt. 

Looking into the file info on the track which Angel dropped on Soundcloud, Banks points out that it was recorded in 2012, posting a pic and adding, “@angelhaze and u said u made it in 20 mins!!! it was recorded in 2012!!! plan your publicity stunts better!”

She then points out that the track, which was supposedly recorded that day, made no mention to their recent Twitter dust up, “Take note that there is NO MENTION of todays twitter spat in her diss track.”

Later the Fantasea artist says she confirmed with producer Diplo that he recorded the beat a few months back. 

Angel Haze maintains that while the beat was recorded previously she did drop the diss vocals yesterday. 

[Via HHDX]