Page Six informants have placed Azealia Banks at the scene of a "Dallas BBQ" restaurant in the East Village, where she allegedly ruffled some feathers before leaving with her face keeled over an open Insta-live session.

As she exited the establishment, Azealia Bank not only venting into thin-air because she was inebriated but out of spitefulness over the decision to omit her from the Rolling Loud lineup, in their unveiling this past week. "I’m very jealous. I’m very pressed … I won’t tear the bitch down,” she said in her Instagram story. “I just want a conversation. I’m harder than most of these rap n****s."

“She was making a scene,” a Page Six informant reported back. "She’s drinking a big-gulp margarita, yelling to no one about having meetings and chatting up the unamused elderly couple next to her.” The very same informant went onto describe a scenario in which Ms Banks was slouched over for the better part of her BigGulp experience.

However, Azealia remains an esteemed patron of the local eatery, where she celebrates her accomplishments the same ways she does her pitfalls: with fall off the bone rib-action. She even celebrated at "Dallas BBQ" right after taking the stage at the prestigious 2013 Governors Ball. If you see Azealia Banks out in the Village, tell her I've got the valet's number and sniffing salt to spare.