Azealia Banks is set on staying out of drama in the New Year but felt compelled to speak on the recent events surrounding Cardi B, and Offset. The Migos member crashed his wife's Rolling Loud performance to offer an unexpected public apology. From Banks' perspective, the setup is a symptom of Hip Hop culture's negative treatment of women. The Brooklyn native took to her Instagram story to break it down. 

"I think it's messed up that men think it's okay to desecrate her workspace with their opinions of what she should be doing. No clue why think it's okay to just barge in on women when they feel like it."

She continues, revealing some of the scary experiences she dealt with, including stalking and other controlling behavior from ex-boyfriends. Banks explains how the criticism aimed at Cardi is an example of a double standard.

"If it were the other way around they would be bashing the woman saying she's no good, calling her a hoe etc etc...but since it's the man they expect it to be accepted as part of his hip-hop persona and everyone will rush to defend them."

Her post also qualifies some "rap niggas" as being part of a boys' club that "applaud each other for their mediocrity."