Azealia Banks has always been ready to go at it on Twitter, but now she's getting support for her opinions. Both Solange and Q-Tip took her side after a recent tiff with Action Bronson on Twitter. Bronson attacked the Azealia when his name was mentioned by a fan who was discussing the Harlem rapper's recent comments about white privilege. Things ended with both parties going at each other's throats, but according to Azealia, Action did attempt to apologize today, though not directly or publicly. 

She explained on Twitter that Bronson was texting an apology to a mutual friend of theirs, for which she called him a coward. Banks explained that if he was going to attempt to "publicly shame" her, he should use the same means to say he's sorry.

Bronson briefly replied to a few of Banks' tweets, but ultimately deleted his responses. You can view Azealia's tweets below, and a screencap of Bronson's replies in the gallery above.