Azealia Banks sat down with Access Hollywood to share her version of the events that transpired in Russell Crowe's hotel suite earlier this month. Banks has filed battery charges against Russell Crowe, whom she alleges called her racial slurs, choked her, and spat on her before tossing her out of the room. She broke down crying multiples during her interview with Access Hollywood.

“Every time something like this happens, I'm always like being blamed for like wanting this kind of attention," she said. "Like, who fucking wants to tell someone they got spat on? That's humiliating. I'm just really, really humiliated.” 

Crowe and the rest of guests, including RZA, all claim that Banks was behaving erratically and insulted Crowe's musical taste and threatened to cut the throat of him and a woman in the room before being forcibly removed.

"It just happened so fast," Banks recalls. She explained that Crowe mocked her career, she fired back. "Everyone was like, 'Oh my god. How dare you!'" When asked what made Crowe snap, she said, "Who knows? Maybe it was the moonshine? Maybe it was the rejection? Maybe it was the jokes?"

She started crying again once the subject of the missing surveillance tapes arose. "And then there's no tape. You call the hotel, like 'where is the fucking tape?," she said. "Like, where's the tape?' And they're just like, 'oh, there's no cameras in that hallway. It's like, how can there not be no cameras in that hallway? You're full of shit."

She also claimed that RZA told her, "Don't say anything."

In the week after the incident, RZA publicly denied Banks' claims and called her an "obnoxious erratic individual."

Watch Banks' full Access Hollywood interview below.