Making headlines for her wild claims more often than for her music, Azealia Banks' most recent drama stems from her appearance on MTV's Wild n' Out. We've covered her beef with Nick Cannon at length, attacking the host and making fun of his health condition. While she claims to have been a victim of colorism on the show, cast members are denying that any jokes about the color of her skin were made. With Banks preventing the episode from airing and even canceling her upcoming album because of this situation, the rapper's latest statement is likely the most far-fetched of them all.

Azealia has had her issues with Cardi B in the past, referring to the New Yorker as an "illiterate, untalented rat." While that's not entirely the nicest thing you can ever say to somebody, the "212" singer seems to think that her beef with Kulture's mother had a hand in her treatment on the show. Updating her Instagram story, the Harlem native wrote, "I'm realizing I got set up. The two senior MTV executives were Latina. They had a vengeance with me over the cardi b shit. That's why I was intentionally told I didn't have to prepare and they sprung it on me on the day."

Unless the MTV executives informed her that that's what happened, we sincerely doubt that they would be so unprofessional as to try and sabotage Azealia's episode because of her past comments. With all this hoorah, we're hoping that the episode does finally air so we get some clarity on what actually happened.