Last week, Azealia Banks announced via Facebook, now her primary social media channel, that she would be signing a deal with RZA. "He and I have an excellent work chemistry," she wrote. "Filming coco with him was loads of fun!! Now I get to make music with him!!!Business and Pleasure is imminent."

According to TMZ, the deal is now off. Banks ended negotiations because RZA failed to come to her defense after he watched Russell Crowe throw her out of his dinner party over the weekend. The events surrounding Banks' removal from Crowe's hotel suite are disputed; Crowe and multiple eyewitnesses claim that Banks was being unnecessarily belligerent and threatened to to break her glass and stab Crowe in the throat. Banks claims that Crowe issued racial epithets, choked her, and spat on her. She has filed a formal battery report with the police.

RZA's camp has sided with Crowe.