Kanye West's White House visit quickly turned into a passage through a daunting House of Mirrors, one even Donald Trump seemed ill-prepared to handle. Donald Trump had the gumption to let a live stick of dynamite into his office. Another view of the situation depicts Kanye West as a woe-begotten customer service agent stammering with two lead feet. Kanye West inspired a documentary he must have seen, issued this profound statement during the meet-and-greet: "would you build a trapdoor, that if you mess up and accidentally fall, and you end up next to the UNABOMBER??!"

While the majority of the hip-hop establishment appears to be in arms over both Kanye's conduct and his persistence over a relationship with Donald Trump, Azealia Banks is standing firmly behind her fellow contrarian. In a series of frantic social media posts, Azealia defended Kanye's meeting with the President. The social media rumblings have been conveniently assembled for your viewing pleasure in this YouTube montage in the form of an incident report.

Azealia Banks believes that since Donald Trump "will likely be elected" for a second term, Kanye West is wise to get in his ear, on a coercive basis. While she doesn't seem to be condoning Trump's actions as the President, Azealia does see the logic behind Kanye West's posturing. Then again, we have no basis on how we should interpret Kanye's motives, therefore Azealia's kind of seems like an optimistic way of looking at the situation, at best. By all accounts, when it comes to Kanye West's MAGA antics, Azealia Banks says, "I’m 100% Here For It."