Azealia Banks is once again backtracking on her hateful words, this time to Lil' Kim. 

A few years back the "212" rapper alluded to fans that a collaboration was in the works between her and Kim. It happened to fall through as Azealia followed-up in a since-deleted tweet: "It really sucks when someone you respect and admire is trying to act brand new when all u did was reach out and try to work.” At the time Kim's team wasn't down with the negative comments about the Queen B, especially since Azealia was claiming she didn't write her own raps. 

"It honestly seems that someone from Azealia’s team would rather have her fans buy into manufactured drama instead of buying music,” said Kim’s publicist, via Rap-Up. “Kim knows nothing of any beef, and furthermore has had nothing but nice things to say about her. We don’t know what this is and will not address this any further. It seems that this is another sad attempt by someone trying to use my client for publicity. We wish her nothing but the best.”

Fast forward to 2017, and Azealia has now made amends with the "Took Us A Break" rapper in a recent Instagram comment. As you can see below, Azealia writes a lengthy apology to Lil' Kim where she says she only sent her a verse because she wanted her to "understand the structure of the song," not because she thought she couldn't rap. 

"I hope one day we can link in person and straighten things out because I was soo confused and heartbroken when [our] collab fell thur," she adds. 

Lil' Kim followed up with a kind response only showing love, adding how she's proud of her "constant attempt at growth." 

Azealia is seemingly trying to right her wrongs since she recently slid into Nicki Minaj's DM's also apologizing for any "catty shit" she's said about her. Nicki took the high road and showed her appreciation for the bold move. “You’re very talented & very smart. Focus on what really matters from now on,” she said.