Azealia Banks had the internet talking once again yesterday, but for once, it was for something she said outside of Twitter.

The New York rapper got into an argument with a flight attendant after getting into it with a passenger. Banks claims the first man hit her before she spit on him and clawed at his shirt, while an eye witness said the man simply put out his hand to stop her from getting by.

What upset people was what came afterward, when Azealia called the flight attendant a "fucking f----t". This isn't the first time Banks has used a homophobic slur, and as usual, she defended her choice, arguing that she is bisexual, and has friends and family member who are gay and trans.

Her defense continued well on into the day, as she eventually called America out for choosing "when it likes to be offended,"  comparing her use of the slur to the N-word, which she claims is accepted by society (coming from her).

Later she argues that her physical reaction to the passenger was brought upon by her history of suffering from domestic abuse.

She apologized to her fans that don't like to see her caught up in this type of controversy, but not to anyone she may have offended.

Read her tweets below.