There's usually a maximum of 24 hours that can go by before Azealia Banks weighs in on a controversy, and she's right on time with her #take on the Meek Mill/Drake beef. Turns out, her reaction to Meek Mill's "Wanna Know" is pretty level-headed, especially in the social media climate that demands opinions be taken to extremes. 

"Yo. Yall some bandwagon ass niggas cause u know that meek mill track had a nice little bounce and edge to it. Stop frontin," she said, adding, "It's not flames but it's def not trash. I liked it.!"

There you have it. Not everything has to be flames or trash -- sometimes it can be somewhere in between.

After that, Banks cracked some jokes about Meek Mill and Drake's manhood, suggesting some nudes from the two rappers could help her pick a side. 

Check out her tweets below.