Steph and Ayesha Curry are one of basketball's most high-profile power couples and have stuck together through thick and thin. The two met each other while Steph was playing basketball in Toronto and they've been together ever since. If you've ever been to a Golden State Warriors home game, you've probably seen Ayesha in the stands at one point or another. She is incredibly supportive of Steph's career and is always hitting him with some words of encouragement.

With Curry in the midst of rehab for his broken hand, Ayesha decided to take to Instagram today with a cute little tribute to Steph. In the post below, Ayesha professes her love for Steph while reiterating what kind of husband and father he is. It's a beautiful message that includes a photo of the two holding hands on the beach.

"I just love doing life with you my baby. Thank you for always standing by my side and holding me up," Curry wrote. "You’ve been working so hard trying to get your hand better after TWO surgeries in a month and still somehow manage to be the most amazing man, husband, father, friend. YOU SPECIAL!"

Perhaps the big story here is how Curry has had to undergo two surgeries for this broken hand. It's clear that the injury is serious and we probably won't see him back on the court this season.