Ever since Ayesha Curry spoke candidly about how she receives "zero male attention" compared to the amount of women throwing themselves at her husband, Steph, she has become a lightning rod for criticism in the social media landscape. From trolls labelling her an attention seeker and telling her to "stay in the kitchen," to fans making lewd comments on live TV, everything Ayesha does is receiving more attention that ever before.

The most recent example: A video of Ayesha playfully hitting the Milly Rock for Steph. As soon as the video was posted, both trolls and Ayesha's supporters swarmed to twitter to share their opinion.

For instance, one commenter posted: "she really milly rock like missionary her favorite position." Another responded, "y’all worried about Ayesha Curry milly Rock and she opening her 4th restaurant owns a wine company and banking with the cookware."

Check out the original video, as well as some more of the twitter reactions, below.