Avril Lavigne teamed up with Nicki Minaj for her new single entitled "Dumb Blonde." The track, which is described as an anthem of self-love and female empowerment, introduces the Canadian artist's upcoming project, Head Above Water, slated for release on February 15. According to Chinese Streaming service Xiami, the joint track is set to drop tomorrow. Peep the cover art below.

A snippet of the track came through last week, along with a statement detailing themes that inspired the concept. Avril sais the song is based on personal experience. "I had this f*cking loser in my life who was threatened by my strength, confidence and independence as a woman," she wrote in the teaser's caption. "I was belittled and made to feel bad for who I was: A leader, someone with a vision and opinions, someone who has strength, desire, passion and goals."

Christopher Polk/Getty Images 

"Never let anyone put you down for being who you are. Stand up. Fight. Be you. Love. Be genuine. Kind. Find yourself and own it," she continued. "F*ck stereotypes. If you’re a strong person and your partner can’t handle you, go find someone who has enough self-confidence and can support you and lift you up and inspire you in your life. As an equal. A friend. Not someone who needs to take you down to make themselves feel better because of their low self-esteem. Yes, women should build each other up, but so should men and women."