Avengers Endgame is less than a week away. If you've been able to avoid spoilers for this long, we don't suggest looking for them now. Although, several minutes of footage have leaked online, and I hear that they are filled with very heavy spoilers. Thanos demands our silence though, and so have the Russo Brothers, who directed the film. It was long thought that Endgame would be the end of phase 3 for Marvel, and that Spiderman: Far From Home would jump-start the next phase. It appears we were wrong. The Infinity Saga, which is comprised of every MCU film from Iron-Man to Endgame, will now officially end with Far From Home. 

As reported by ScreenRant, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige was speaking with a reporter at the Chinese Avengers: Endgame event when he broke the news. “It’s the end of the third phase,” he said about Far From Home. “You’re the first one I’ve told that to.” Check out the video below, at the 30-second mark.

As far as phase 4 is concerned, Marvel has yet to make any official announcements. We are sure they will come soon after Endgame arrives. Black Widow, Black Panther 2, Doctor Strange 2, The Eternals, Guardians of the Galaxy 3, and Shang-Chi are all rumored to be next on the slate of releases.