There hasn't been a movie that's been more talked about this year than the upcoming Avengers flick. Everybody's been looking forward to seeing what happens next in the MCU. At this point, it's already expected to have a massive opening weekend but forecasters predict that it'll likely break the record set by Infinity Wars. However, there are a few factors that dictate whether the film has the largest opening weekend at the box office ever, Deadline reports. 

The international release is what many believe could help Endgame beat its own box office record. With Chinese officials giving the movie an April 24th release, two days before the domestic launch of the film. Infinity Wars previously launched in China weeks after the rest of the international market. The international opening of the film brought in $382.7M with domestic at $257.7M. With China's release, it hit $199.3M, making the overall opening scores $839.7M.

If China manages to do the same amount of numbers in its opening weekend, Avengers: Endgame could make over $800M in the box office. However, there are factors that play into whether the numbers could match up. For one, the running time of the film is about three hours. There are also no predictions for what the movie is expected to make domestically. Additionally, the opening Sunday is a working Sunday for many people in the Middle Kingdom.