The people at Marvel have been expertly squeezing out drips and drops of information about their upcoming Avengers: Endgame, which could end up being the biggest movie ever. The more recent nugget they've delivered has come in a very simple form: a good old fashioned photo. The cover photo for the Avengers Facebook page and Twitter page was updated late last night with a new logo that would do Lil Wayne and proud, if his famous maxim is anything to go by: "If it ain't purple than I'm barfing."

The new logo for Endgame, which will from now on be known as Avengers: Chopped & Screwed, has other visual similarities too. Take the LA Lakers, for one. First of all, their colour scheme is purple and yellow, but perhaps more importantly they've been carried to third place in the Western Conference by a certain greatest player in the world who is able to singlehandedly–with a snap, you might say–take down almost any team in the league when he really turns it on. Perhaps the LeBron and Thanos (who is also purple and gold) are preparing a cross-branding release party that will somehow mix the Avengers and basketball, maybe an alternate jersey for LA? Let's just hope that LaVar Ball doesn't ruin it.