Keanu Reeves may be joining the MCU soon. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige admitted that he had been in talks about what type of role Reeves could have in the MCU. Nothing has come to fruition yet, but we all know something will. Reeves is too big of an action star for Feige to ignore, and fans have been fighting to get the actor into the MCU for years now. Recently, writer/director Kevin Smith spoke to Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo for IMDb, and he asked the duo who they would like to see Reeves play. Although they take the easy way out by turning the question around on Smith, the end result is not a bad idea.

"That’s a good question," responded Anthony Russo when asked about who Reeves should play. "I don’t know, it’s limitless, right? Who would you put him in?," asked Joe Russo. "Moon Knight," states Smith at once. "Right, that’s a good call," agreed Joe. Moon Knight, whose real name is Marc Spector, served in the military until he becomes possessed with the spirit of Egypt moon god  Khonshu. Acting as Khonshu's earthly avatar, Spector fights crime in a way that has been compared to Batman. Which MCU role would you like to see Reeves in?